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Doctor's Hangout (A Poem)

Doctor’s Hangout seems,
Like coming Home,
It does not matter if you are,
From Italy or Rome…..

There are so many Troops,
Here we call them Groups,
Some discussing Medical cases,
While others painting Artistic faces.

You must have seen the Forum discussion,
Everybody is writing with so much precision,
Even then, nobody minds some criticism,
As each one is giving their valid reason.

And then there are Blog posts,
Where your views you can Host,
From exercise to Fart,
Everybody is throwing their Dart.

That little corner on the right,
Where people chat and Fight,
It does not matter Day or Night,
DH always makes you feel Bright….

Have you seen the recent change,
It seems to be one Man's stage,
A man with "LIGHT (Prakash)" tag,
Has hoisted the "Bhanu" flag.

- By Dr. Sujata Udeshi
Updated on 10/2/13

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Good poem..The rhymes are patterned..Thumbs up..

nice poetry...

got a rhythm, liked it..

Thank you all for have enjoyed reading the poem!!!

awesome one mam :)


Thanks Dr Rupali

So nice to see Dr. Sujata's and Dr.Singh's exchanges in verses!

They are Impromptu poets... a rare kind!!

I deeply appreciate your talent.

Thank you!!

I offer thee ...

Thanks a ton Dr Sudhakar

Thanks dr Chakkarapani

superb! mam.... :) amazing!!

very nice ..

Welcome Dr Masroor....



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