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Shortage of MBBS in the country,is a hiv/aids and sex specialist doctor too +917838059592

           As per information provide under RTI in an application dated 27.09.2012 No. Z.28020/34/2012-RHS/NRHM IV dated 10.10.12
As on March 2011, the total requirement of doctors at Primary Health care Centres is 23887. The sanctioned seats are 30051 out of which 26329 are filled. The vacant seats are 7246 and the shortfall is 2866 only. To clarify further 28887 Primary Health Care doctors are required in the country and 26329 are already in a position with a shortfall of 2866 only. This number is not big enough that the Government cannot think of filling later. If enough incentives are given these can be filled with no problem. The Government says that there is a shortage of 7246 doctors but that is as per sanctioned seats of 30051.The health ministry estimates that India has 650,000 registered allopathic practitioners, but the country’s doctor-to-population ratio is about 0.5 per 1000, in contrast to China’s ratio of 1.6 per 1000 people, or America’s ratio of 2.6.Some states such as Chhattisgarh have allowed AYUSH doctors to prescribe modern medicines, but sections of the medical community have long opposed the idea of allowing AYUSH degree-holders to practise allopathic medicine.

                    Even the health Ministry have written for registering AYUSH,HOMEO,AYURVEDIC,UNANI,SIDDHA,REKKI,ACUPRESSURE,YOGA DCTORS in MCI REGISTER FOR MBBS DOCTORS which is very un ethical.previously this ministry tried to introduce 03 YRS PRIMARY RURAL DOCTORS which has been now settled by IMA AND OTHER DOCTORS FORUM protest,now that course will run but they cannot writ DR before their name.

             Now Govt to take their performance better in public doing this nasty and totally unscientific step ,next day it will change all nurses and paramedics into MBBS DOCTORS so now it is better to have 03 course for MBBS,again it will be very bad for common public but as our politician are adamant to do it so do it a slightly better way like as follows:_______

        One of the suggestions is to make MBBS a 3-year course on primary care with all subjects taught but with the intention of providing primary GP medical care.For example, have only six months of basic anatomy in primary program and those who want to enter surgery get another three years of education with one year of anatomy classes linked to surgery. Why should every one learn all about advanced medicine including anatomy or physiology in MBBS?Complete skeletal anatomy should be taught only to those who opt for orthopedics post MBBS. Same is true for advanced eye anatomy.

                     One can have basic MBBS course in every district in the country. For postgraduation they may have to enter a medical college.In the US also, some universities have shortened medical school programs from four years to three.Three-year programs generally are offered as an incentive for students to pick primary care, in order to prevent shortages of primary care doctors. Rather than having to spend two years taking basic courses and two years of doing clinical work in different specialties to determine their preferred fields, students in accelerated programs finish in three years because they spend only one year doing clinical work as they already have chosen primary care.In nursing also, we have two courses: Basic Nursing and BSc Nursing. A similar experimentation can be done in MBBS.
                  so if we start it this way can be accepted but in society so advanced where every body even poor of village and every corner remote area wants best treatment and move to nearby subdivisional or district city/town or state capital or central hospital or centres like AIIMS OR CHANDIGARH,TATA MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL OR MADRAS OR VELLORE for poor patients and rich move to delhi,baanglore,chennai,hyderabad,lucknow,jaipur,ahmedabad ,mumbai,pune,cochi,coimbator best hospitals for treatment of eye,heart,bone,joint,canceretc so whether such course wil solve our problem is a question,people are not that fool that our ministers will eat five star food or move in air and our people will eat from a local foot path hotel or will travel in bail gari or cow or bullock cart ,they will ask these boggus ministers when they will go to them for vote that show prexription for their family members taking treatment from such doctors ,sonia move to usa for simple sugery and want people to get treatment from such half educated or so called quacks.

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