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An article in the BMA news written by a surgical trainee about  the mixed  responses to her declaration of pregnancy by her bosses caught my eye this week. I always tell my friends that there is never a right time to have a baby career wise and they should decide based on whether the time is right for them. However may be I'm just accepting the negative attitudes towards women doctors with kids - given that 55% of medical school students are female isn't it time we thought of another way?

When a female doctor should plan for pregnancy during this intense never ending period of medical education?

What is your opinion?

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I am following the discussion with interest since the post came in. You seem to feel that internship seems to be a decent time to plan for a pregnancy .But what about the child during post graduation ? Would every one have the support to look after the child? How are you going to balance studies and family life especially if you are coming from a nuclear family background ?

excellent reply.. i propose the same...

Anytime will be better which suits the female doctor herself...without any restrictions and any pressure..its her personal decision..!!

May I remind you that the case presented is a medical student's case and not a doctor's. Anything that happens during the formative years of a student is sanctioned by the university or college the student is enrolled in. There are provisions and  limitations you need to abide.

Let me remind you further that a female cannot get pregnant without a male or unless it is an immaculate conception. Please do not say and I quote your words "Anytime will be better which suits the female doctor herself..  without any restrictions and any pressure..its her personal decision..!!". Why put all the pressure to a female  only? Don't you think the male has a share on this? Does getting pregnant during the college life of a female included in her plans?  Or maybe there was an outside force that made her indulge to premarital sex that has resulted to pregnancy? It was never alone the female's doing.



I think it is a clash of culture that is happening. Out here live in relationships,pre marital sex are taboos. Agreed that it takes two hands to clap. Please let me remind you that the thread started with the idea of when a girl should time her pregnancy during her medical studies. I presume that the index case rests on a student who is pursuing her post this country the student who is a postgraduate or intern is referred to as a DOCTOR. Now the question remains to both partners when to have kids. In this country there are no restrictions by the school or college about marriage or pregnancy. That is the reason you are getting responses which may seem weird.

If it is a planned pregnancy,then it is wise to have  it when things are a bit settled. Nothing can be done if it is an unplanned marriage. Age is another factor.

By planning you can biologically become a mother but to enjoy motherhood you should have a luxury to be completely available to it. 

Dear madam do you mean that a woman can never be able to be a good mother and medical professional simultaneously ?



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