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Moving Delhi Bus Gang-rape Victim to Singapore is an insult to India's Health Services

What does it say? Indian Doctors are incapable? Indian Hospitals can't handle this? Its a shame to the entire Indian Medical Fraternity.

Whats your opinion?

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It is important that the sex determination tests and the subsequent abortions be stopped right away. In the next ten years, India is going to have 10 milion male adults without a partner - god help our female sisters, daughters and friends... Doctors pull up your socks

Doctors in India should stop the abortion of females.. In the next ten years we will have 10 million Adult males without a partner.. God help our daughters, niece and all the females

I would say that though Indian doctors are competent,the pt was shifted to a hospital in singapore which is world famous for trauma and transplants,though i am not sure why she was being treated at safdarjung hospital and not at AIIMS which is our premier trauma center.
I do believe pt was shunted to singapore to divert the attention of public and in all probability the patient would have been on the verge of dying.

In this case, some real accuses escaped. only hired persons presently remanded.original accuses are fully political background- persons,so that the Singapore  incident done well.

fully agree

i dont thing any doctor around the world are incapable to handle any cases. but Delhi bus gang rape case was different issue  and  due to circumstance people put blame on entaire medico world

when the girl is in septicemic shock, is there any reason to do 3 surgery and shift her abroad again for a transplantaion without managing septicemic shock  ?????

is not it due to political pressure?



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