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I am 24 year male , now suffer from intermittent fast heartbeat and hard , I can see visible pulsation of my chest , but sometime it is normal , just feeling fatigue and lost weight and no pain and fever , ECG showing normal ,
It start last November , off and on, I am worrying my condition , and I have exam soon
Can u give me some advice ?
Thank you

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If you say ECG was normal, I am sure other investigations would also have been done. Please give the details.

Just it
After I saw ECG normal , I just try to fix about my lifestyle like reducing caffeine intake and reduced stressed
But I don't see it improve
What should I further to do for getting exactly treatment

It may be due to hypokalemia

more details required

do u  have chest pain dyspnoea during the episode ?

wat is ur heart rate .

any significant clinical findings ?BMI ??

basically i feel it is just anxiety induced / sinus tachcardia /

just get echo , hb , done . if it turns normal

just forget it and focus on exams

No other significant finding , it started after I suffered from an earthquake during November , I fear the earthquake may come again , then I can see my chest is moving
I am feeling just weakness and loss of interest , always fear and have some negative thinking
I think better have a good relax , too much stress during those days
BMI is 30
Normal heart rate but hard
No chest pain and dyspnoea

You say you have lost weight .. but you also say your BMI is 30. What was your previous BMI? Have you considered hyperthyroidism?

Tireoid disease!



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