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As a parent, it usually takes us by surprise when our children use such language.
It’s not easy to ignore it, especially when it comes out of the blue. 
So we get upset, or perhaps we laugh. it’s usually a matter of repeating things they’ve heard. 
They are just learning to use language to communicate, so they mimic any word they can. They are not trying to hurt or offend anyone, they’re just developing verbal skills.

What about you? Can you share how do you deal with this situation?

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It is better you don't deal with other people's children!!!! :o(

ok..This means you mind you're own business.But if it is ur own blood nephews and nieces,
you got to call their attention. They might not know what they catch are "Bad words"..

Then it depends on the relationship you have with the parents of the child and also their attitude.

Ok ..Thanks. Your opinion is respected..

What is your opinion, Dahl?

Your position as a hearer has to be qualified in this respect Dr. Sudhakar.
As you have mentioned, it will be none of your business, if you do not have a personal relationship with the child. Just a passerby..Maybe being a responsible adult,..Just make a loud "Sssshhhhh,..don't say bad words please".
Thank you for sharing..

"When a child lives with hostility, he learns to be rude."

The family environment plays a great role in honing our children to become what we want them to be. It is the family that facilitates the learning process of a child. The mind of a child is represented as an empty cup. Parents are expected to fill it up with good moral values necessary to prepare the child as he learns to live his life one day at a time. This is well explained by Erikson's Psychosocial Theory and Piaget's Cognitive Theory (both theories of personality development).

The values that we have learned from our parents are handed down from one generation to the next. A child who has shown and received love and attention will not  likely to become rude, arrogant, harsh, cruel and stone-heart when they grow up.  These negative traits(rude, arrogant, harsh, cruel and stone-heart) are characteristics of a conduct disorder which are prominent among children who has lived their life in a chaotic family and environment. They are the ones who become the antisocial when they reach their early adolescent and the ones who are most likely to commit a crime. 

It has never been easy dealing with a child that curses. Try asking why he has uttered those words. Try asking how are his parents to him, whether they are close or not, whether parents are mindful of the words uttered by the child, whether the child has always been left under the care of a nanny, or whether his needs as a growing child are met. You will be surprised to the child's answers. Remember, a child never lies. If you must try dealing with the child, then you need to include dealing with the family. 

Now I ask you the same question, if that is your child who curses, how will you deal with it?

How witty..
If you ask me now Toni,... if this is my child, i will automatically call her attention,..and shall ask him or her if he/she knows the meaning of what he has uttered. Kids are catching words.They are still in the process of building their vocabulary.
Make him swear.."NO BAD WORDS".. Never utter bad words..when you hear it..Put your forefinger on your lips and say.."Sssshhhhhhhh..don't say bad words, please"..
I am lucky  that my kids were brought up in a Conservative and religious environment, where we are Family of Clergies.
We call them Pastors or Ministers inside our own church. We always watch and monitor how they interact with the environment.
"We brought up our kids, but they are not ours" ..They are like arrows where we set our targets for them.The World shall teach them their lessons.
Thank you very much for taking your time in sharing. Doctors are parents too

Role modelling is very important in this crucial childhood stage of development. It is in this stage that the child learns to do and say what he sees and hears. They may not know the meaning of what they see and do that is why parents need to make the child understand and differentiate good from bad. Children need concrete examples from their parents through which they learn.

Yes!! super agree..this is well said..

Bingo. Thats what should be done.

Thank you..what a nice sharing..



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