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A forum to discuss about everything related to General Surgery.

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case 1 Reply

45-year-old male, 24 hrs history of severe anal pain and swelling, PE- swollen ecchymotic area in the perianal skin, very close to the anal verge. diagnosis and treatment of choice ?

Started by dr tushar. Last reply by ahmed abdelbagi ahmed Feb 6, 2013.

case 3 Replies

a person was brought to casualty with a chief complaint of pain in epigastic region ,his abdomen was rigid and hard,there was pain in his backand his mother complaint that he was feeling breathless.he was a chronic alcoholic patient.doctors in the casualty instilled a ryle"s tube and found coffy ground colour fluid of about said that it is a serious condition .suddenly the pts heart stopped following this doctor did CPR and he came back to life.i dont know what this case is about…Continue

Started by Priydarshni Pandharinath Gadekar. Last reply by ahmed abdelbagi ahmed Feb 6, 2013.

case 4 Replies

patient M, 50 yrs old presents with mild jaundice, weakness, lethargy, lassitude and positive for anti-HCV. lft's  were abnormal, abdominal  CT shows a low density mass involving both right and left lobe of  liver between the right portal vein and ivc, the segment 5 and 6 were mainly involved , tumor markers CA 19-9 was >5000 IU/L. AFP was also very high. no distant metastasis was foundwhat further investigations should i order, is surgical resection possible, what are the treatment options…Continue

Started by dr tushar. Last reply by dr tushar May 22, 2011.

Post operative care! 1 Reply

Hello evryone,4 a surgeon its jst nt enough 2 only do d surgery bt hs 2 see dat d patient takes a safe  route 2 recovery ....So please do enlighten us wit ur personal experiences n wud b nice 2 make us familiar with d protocol of post operative care of patients Continue

Started by Ashi. Last reply by dr tushar May 15, 2011.


30 yrs old femalepresented with scalp lesion which excised elsewhere 3 years ago without histopathological year ago, months ago, left upper cervical lymph node which also has been also excised elsewhere and revealed metastatic malignant melanoma.Routine metastatic workup at revealed multiple hepatic focal lesions.So, the patient was referred for palliative medication.The patient received chemotherapy with nodal disease progression which became huge, fixed with overlying skin…Continue

Started by sameh aly elpohy May 12, 2011.

Case?? 5 Replies

A 40yr old female pt came 2 our centre with pain abdomen,acute constipation and abdominal distension..upon invetigations n full workup,ws found 2 ve sigmoid volvulus..Underwent surgery for d condition.Post-operatively on the 5th day she developed leak.D pt condition is stable,no peritoneal signs..Any suggestions on further management of d disease..

Started by Dr Koorapati Ramesh. Last reply by Dr Koorapati Ramesh May 11, 2011.


femal patient 26y lactating acidentaly discoverd breast mass ,u/s breast absces underwent drainage and bx from underlying mass pathology DCIS hi GRADE COMEDO type with necrosis            .what the treatment option  for this patient? mastectomy? wider EX?        metastatic  work up free

Started by sameh aly elpohy May 10, 2011.

thyroid swelling 3 Replies

A 40yrs male presented to me with thyroid swelling for 4yrs,swelling is static but it becomes hard with a pulsatile swelling on sternum,what will the diagnosis and how can i treat the patient?Continue

Started by mostafa nawys. Last reply by sameh aly elpohy May 8, 2011.

Euthanasia - Mercy or Murder? 5 Replies

Hey there everybody...Well I am interested to find out about your views on the concept of EUTHANASIA...feel free to comment within the context of medical ethics vs. medical proxy...thanks...

Started by Aatif. Last reply by Aatif Jun 1, 2010.

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