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ta1. Ocriplasmin used for VITREO
MACULAR ADHESION 2. Calcification not seen in HYPER
PLASTIC VITREOUS 3. salt and pepper retinopathy seen in
(STARGART DISEASE) 4. Most common operation by district
ophthalmologist - phaco 5. chalazion-LIPOGRANULOMA 6. Corneal ulcer causing perforation,
oxidase positive, gram negative
coccoid- NEISSERIA GONNORHEA 7. Intra ocular mets primary in
women . MC BREAST CANCER 8. CMV retinitis- rapid and sensitive
method of detection 9. Rhegmatogenous retinal
detachment seen with all except
HYPEROPIA 10. Most common non hodgkin’s in
orbit : B cel 11. All true about conjunctivitis except
CORNEAL INFLIRTERATION 12. Most common presentation of
retinoblastoma ? LEUCORIA AND
STABISMUS 13. Urethral crest : prostatic sinus 14. All boundaries of facial recess
except STAPEDIUS 15. Vaginal epithelium derived from
ENDODERM OF UROGENITAL SINUS 16. Inferior Orbital wall formed by all
except ETHMOID 17. Nerve for lacrimation- GREATER
PETROSAL NERVE 18. Pleural tap pierces all except
PULMONARY PLEURA 19. Structure not present in third
ventricle floor- THRID NERVE 20. Forgotten muscle in rotator cuff-
SUBSCAPULARIS 21. Which cartilage forms a complete
ring- CRICOID 22. Anococcygeal ring formed by all
except AOCOCCYGEAL RAPHE 23. Regarding Degenerative Myopia,
which is true CAN LEAD TO RETINAL
DETACHMENT 24. 16 yr female with normal pubic
hair and breast c/o primary
amennorrhea.dx? MULLARIAN
AGENISIS 25. Test to differentiate maternal and
fetal rbc- APT test 26. A mother goes to shock
immediately after normal delivery-
INVERSION OF UTERUS 27. Active management of 3rd stage of
labour A/E early cord clamping 28. Use of HRT A/E Coronary artery
disease 29. 30 year old low socio economic
lady with Loss Of Weight, Fever,
hematuria, amenorrhea Diagnosis-
OF FOLLICLE 31. Duncan method of placental
separation all true EXCEPT FORMATION
OF RETRO PLACENTAL CLOT 32. Mother with 6 weeks amenorrhea,
surest sign of fetal activity HEART
VISUALISATION by doppler 33. To avoid mother to child hiv
tranmission a/e VAGINAL DELIVERY 34. Girl with primary amenorrhea,wide
spaced pages – turner 45XO 35. pCO2-30,pO2-115, has partially compensated RESPIRATORY
ALKALOSIS 36. Fick’s law--passive diffusion of
molecule 37. Embryonal Hb ZETA AND EPSILON 38. opioid receptor for dysphoria---
kappa 39. Biomineralisation- SHELL IN
MOLLUSC 40. Which organ cant use ketone
bodies RBC 41. Healing after cell puncture with
micro needle -hydrophobic interaction
of membrane protein 42. Normal person lies down-
RETURN 43. RT PCR used for a. DNA b,RNA
c.PROtein d. .to monitor the
amplification of gene-ans 44. Suicide enzyme CYCLOOXYGENASE 45. Crumpled tissue paper appearance
of cells GLUCOCEREBROSIDE 46. Method of detcting known gene
loci FISH 47. Insulin resistance in liver disease
because of 48. Irreversible enzymes in glycolysis-
disease due to all except LACK OF
OXALOACETATE FOR GLUCONEOGENESIS 50. All are enzymes for oxidation and
reduction except hydroperoxidase 51. Major function of MHC 1 and 2 52. HBsAg and HBeAg positive in?
chronic active hep option A 53. Eggs size 100micron wid
malabsorption.. al except-- ---
OPISTHORCIS VIVERINI 54. Stain for fungal hypae –
METHAMINE SILVER 55. Legionella pneumophila-
AEROSOLS FROM AIR CONDITIONERS 56. Rapid growing atypical
tuberculosis org not involved in lung
infection?? M.kansasi 57. Ridley Jopling Leprosy
classification based on CLINICAL
IMMUNOLOGY 58. Rho kinase inhibitor FAUSUDIL 59. Orphan drug is DRUG FOR RARE
diseases 60. Lithium to be stopped how many
days before surgery 2-3 days 61. Which is true- BRIMONIDINE
DECREASE AQUEOUS PRODUCTION 62. Prolonged post antibiotic effect
and time dependent killing - penicillin/
fluroqunolon 63. Vasopressin Antagonist acts on
cortical?? 64. Ritonavir does not induce -
phenytoin 65. Maximum tolerated dose of a new
drug is evaluated in: PHASE 1 66. SLE reaction seen with all except
PENCILLIN 67. Subcutaneous injection for
TERBUTALINE 68. Drug design concern is for1
decreasing affinity of drg with target
protein /2 increasing affinity of drug
with non target protein/ 3 increasing
frequency of drug and target
interaction 69. Shelf life of suxamethonium
chloride – 2 YEARS 70. DOC for myoclonic seizures in
pregnancy 71. Inhalational agent for Cranial SOL-
ISOFLURANE 72. IV anaesthetic avoided in
epileptics- KETAMINE 73. Hypothermia is BENEFICIAL/
IRRIGATION 74. Patient pulseless following
antibiotic in operation theater- chk
breathing 75. All associated with Rett syndrome
except MACROCEPHALY 76. Child with croup, well hydrated,
feeding well, consolable. T/t is
DEXAMETHASONE 77. Least common cause of neonatal
sepsis--- agalctatiae 78. child with bleeding per rectum -
JUVENILE RECTAL POLYP 79. Child with abdominal mass and
right leg hypertrophy- WILM’S TUMOR 80. Neonate in icu seizure first line of
investigation SONOLOGY OF BRAIN 81. Nephrotic syndrome steroid
toxicity DOC cyclophosphamide 82. A 5yr child burnt with boiling
water. method used to calculate burnt
area LUND - BROWDER CHART 83. 2 yr child with burns all over face
and scalp, buttock and cirumferentially
around thigh. Head 8.5, buttock 5,
thigh 13, so around 28% 84. Sacral meningocaele covered by
SALINE GAUZE 85. Most comm0n complication seen in
baby birth wt< 1000gm - ROP 86. Mortality in abdominal aorta
aneurysm surgery > 50% 87. pCO2 in RTA drops because of
minimal intervention at first followed
by stabilization and then major
surgery 89. Earliest cx of ileostomy----
NECROSIS 90. Chronic smoker with lung small
cell CA – most common paraneoplastic
syndrome’s effect 91. Sentinal node Biopsy nerve
damaged is 92. Painless Left scrotal swelling with
microscopic hematuria in a chronic
smoker= RENAL CELL CARCINOMA 93. True about celiac block ? MOST
AND DIARRHEA / L3 wala option ? 94. Not seen in Acute Pyelonephritis 95. Most serious complication of pelvic
neurogenic 96. Patient presented with perssistant
ear pain and discharge, vertigo,
SNHL,mastoidectomY done, still
continued diagnosis- ACUTE
labyrynthitis 97. An old man with hearing loss, TM
with fluid level visible, tymphanogram
GROWTH 98. Ideal patient for BAHA-
CANAL ATRESIA 99. Father of neuro otology? DR.
WILLIAM F. HOUSE, 100. Patient complains of ear
discharge , TM normal, no hearing loss
--- KERATOSIS OBTURANS 101. A 75 YEAR old diabetic with
granulation in external auditory
meatus, ear pain – MALIGNANT
OTTITIS MEDIA 102. Clinical scenario about
mucormycosis and drug of choice
asked – AMPHOTERICIN B 103. Cyanosis requires CRITICAL
CONCENTRATION OF Hb 104. Lesion on T3
dernatome.Diagnosis is HERPES ZOSTER 105. A male patient with recurrent oral
ulcers, epdidydimitis, blurred
vision..BEHCET’S SYNDROME 106. Kluver bucy all are features
except INTRACTABLE SEIZURES 107. LBB caused by all except ashman
phenomenon 108. Bilateral Positive babinski sign,
damage in SAH / thalamic ? 109. A 53 year old male has bone pain
with renal failure, plasma cells around
35%, osteolytic bone lesions,
diagnosis MULTIPLE MYELOMA 110. TEE better than TTE because? 111. Female recuurent abortions, pain
in calves PROTEIN C DEFICIENCY 112. Difference between seizure n
AND 113. PharyngItis followed by both RH
and PSGN 114. H/o fever,headache followed by
gtcs 2 episodes,csf
PYOGENIC MENINGITIS 115. HIV infection all affected except
ant cingulate gyrus 116. An old lady with difficulty in
calculation writing, etC GERSTMANN
SYNDROME 117. Genetic defect in MODY
HEPATOCYTE NUCLEAR FACTOR 4Α 118. Iron deficiency anemia A/E
REDUCED TIBC 119. Not a major criteria in acute
rheumatic fever- POLYARTHRALGIA 120. Osteoblastic metastasis PROSTATE 121. Alzeimer’s lesion- TEMPERO
PARIETAL CORTEX 122. Refrigeration of food has
decreased the incidence of which
malignancy. 123. priapism caused by- SPANISH
FLY/ SCORPION STING 124. Salivary gland tumor hot spot on
tc99 scan is ? ADENOLYMPHOMA 125. Methanol poisoning false is
DEHYROGENASE 126. Tests for malabsorption test all
except TRICLOSAN BREATH TEST 127. Patient with hemangiolipoma etc-
VON HIPPEL LINDAU DISEASE 128. ESR in TB 129. lesions in liver and kidney with
contract enhancement, patient with
seizures 130. pt with 60 packs per yr cigarette
consumption, tumor in lung, on
biopsy, small == symptoms mc due to
PNS 131. Old woman on alendronate for 7
years develops pain in hip nd thigh.
Investigation of choice? X RAY 132. Chronic alcohol pt with 2 days h/
o free alcohol presented with seizure
DOC DIAZEPAM 133. Sudden braking with seat
belt..organ damaged MESENTRY 134. If a victim's gun shot entry and
exit wounds are not properly
distinguishable due to corrective
surgery-k/a KENNEDY PHENOMENON. 135. Unconscious man lying in rt. lat.
position with injury to
face,hand,lat.aspect of rt. knee. cause
for this clinical presentation? Common
Peroneal Nerve injury 136. Patient with signs of OPC
poisoning All true except charcoal no
use/Ache not needed/atopine
antidote/atropine reverts back mucle
weekness 137. 22 year old female with painless
ulcer in labia majora with everted
margins 138. Slow growing vascular lesion in
adults fond in cerebellum, spinal cord
etc 139. 22 year old female with
hypotension, petechiae etc- Toxic
shock syndrome/
Meningoencephalitis 140. MENTAL HEALTH CARE BILL 2012 141. No of heath related goals in MDG :
3/4 ? 142. Disease under icds surveillance a/
e TB / SNAKE BITE ? 143. No.of vision centres under NPCB
ANS.20000 144. Blindness prevalence estimate
comparision between blind schools
and general population- UNDER
ESTIMAYE 145. Prophylactic dose of vitamin a in
postpartum woman 4,00,000 iu 146. Meningococal vaccine age group 147. Renumeration not given to ASHA
for recording of birth weight /
registration of birth 148. In Anganwadis which growth
charts are used to assess malnutrition:
IAP 149. in a population 50 % is diseased..
if the investigator wants to know
about the population between 45%
and 55% in 95th percentile , then wat
is the minimum population to be
taken ..?? A)100 B)200 C)300 D)400 150. Culture of vaginal candidiasis ,
80% found to be C.glabrata , 151. Meningo encephalitis- highly
endemic if a. <2/1,00,000 b.
2-10/1,00,000 c. >10/1,00,000 d.
>100/1,00,000 152. If confidence limit is increased -
BECOMES inSIGNIFICANT 153. 3 yr rural MBBS was given by
which committee 154. Social Pathology 155. Pinhead silvery nodules in child
over forearm etc LICHEN NIDITUS 156. child with edematous lesion
scalp....multiple discharging
sinuses ...easily pluckable hair.....test to
identify organism- KOH 157. Thumb sign on x ray
EPIGLOTTITIS 158. stage of neurocysticercosis
without edema on imaging VESICULAR
NEUROCYS-TICERCOSIS 159. After a rta on rt knee,on
examination anterior unstability in
fully extended knee but no laxity in
90 degree. wat is d structure
damaged? 160. in patient of rickets on calcium
supplementation, surgical treatment of
deformity should be started when:
when ALP bcom Normal 161. Limb shortening, abduction and
extrenal rotation is seen in which
dislocation of hip Anterior/Posterior/
lateral.Centrl 162. Supra condyar fracture true is a.
distal segment is mostly displaced
anteriorly b. cubitus valgus is more
common than cubital varus c. injury
causes weakness of elbow flexion d.
nerve injury related manifestations are transitory 163. Piaget development model- out
of sight, out of mind is SENSORY MOTOR
SCALE 164. Study of brain and behavior in
normal and diseased –
NEUROPSYCOLOGY 165. Anticraving drug ACAMPROSATE 166. Weschler intellingence scoring
scale average is 90 167. marker of rhabdomyosarcoma
DESMIN 168. Apoptosis all present except
INFLAMMATION 169. Most dangerous complication of
pelvic fracture – HYPOVOLEMIC SHOCK 170. Urinary metabolite of
progesterone PREGNANEDIOL 171. Benign tissue breast histopath
STROMAL PROLIFERATION 172. fracture a la signature –
DEPRESSED FRACTURE 173. If a chromosome divides in an
axis perpendicular to usual axis of
division ISO CHROMOSOME 174. Tracheo bronchial receptors 175. intrauterine respiration in fetus
A/E a. may cause reapiratory distress
syndrome b. cause aspiration of
amniotic fluid d. increase towards
term d. help in conditioning of
respiratory muscles 176. CLL , which is true 177. In PDA unlikely seen Co2
washout 178. IODINE given in all except
hyperthyroidism 179. An old man presents with
intermittent ptosis, dysphagia .
decremental response on repeated
testing, forward arm abduction time
60 sec, Anti Ach antibody
negative,Single nerve fiber stimulation test is positive A. OCCULAR MG B.
CAUSES D. CPEO-----ans is A 180. Vasopressor for hypotension
during surgery for a patient with aortic
phenylephrine 181. AN OLD PATIENT with tense
blisters , diagnosis by DIRECT
IMMUOFLORENCE 182. Hypertensive pt
headache,vomiting ,neck rigidity SAH 183.deworming

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