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My 'One Liners' From What I Learnt Today !!!


My 'One Liners' From What I Learnt Today !!!

Howsoever trivial or unimportant it may seem, we imbibe new knowledge points all the time.  All of us remain on learning curve throughout our life. We observe patients & our colleagues, read books & journals and attend clinical meetings, CMEs, Seminars and conferences. All through these activities, we gain certain 'take home messages' every day which are non-controversial practical points focal to that day/ event's learning experience. Over a period of time, such points make the foundation of our professional life. Interestingly, these are unique to each one of us as we are at different stages of learning curve and understanding at any point of time. It would be great if we could share such 'one liners' without hesitation or shyness irrespective of out professional standing as it will help us to create a great talent-text pool together.

Keep is a great way to learn!

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