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More Male Than Female Medical Students Specialize In Higher-Paid Roles

Her specific area of interest is neurosurgery, a “very well paid” sector, and unsurprisingly there are “significantly more men”, Ota asserted. “I mean I can count the number of female neurosurgeons I have met on one hand, and I wouldn’t need all my fingers,” she continued. Out of all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, at the moment medicine is one of the most equal, Ota told Study International. “So, I think it’s interesting, particularly as someone who…

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Doctors Can Now Call Uber For Patients, Ditching Taxi Vouchers

Your doctor just got in the Uber dispatching business. The ride-hailing company Thursday announced the launch of Uber Health, a desktop platform for healthcare providers that allows doctors to provide rides for patients who might otherwise miss their appointments because they can't get to them. Uber Health has been in testing since July with around 100 physicians and hospitals. Rival Lyft also has been working with healthcare providers over the past few years. Both tech startups have been…

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Diabetes Is Actually Five Separate Diseases, Research Suggests

Prof Leif Groop, one of the researchers, told the BBC: "This is extremely important, we're taking a real step towards precision medicine. "In the ideal scenario, this is applied at diagnosis and we target treatment better." The three severe forms could be treated more aggressively than the two milder ones, he said. Cluster 2 patients would currently be classified as type 2 as they do not have an autoimmune disease. However, the study suggests their disease is probably caused by a…

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Doctors: All Teens Should Be Screened for Depression

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its guidelines to recommend that children 12 years and older get screened annually for depression. The screening would take the form of teens filling out a self-reported questionnaire via paper or an online device, allowing them to answer questions privately—important given that many young adolescents go to the doctor with their parents in tow and in the examination room. It’s a huge step in not only de-stigmatizing mental health but…

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The One Question Doctors Should Be Asking—but Never Do

Beyond the measurable health indicators, doctors need to ask questions that are focused on well-being, says WSJ Health Expert Marc Agronin. During a routine visit with your doctor, you anticipate questions about your diet, weight, smoking and drinking. But there’s one important health-related question that our doctors never ask, but should. The words of this question are simple but the implications of the answer profound: “What’s your sense of purpose in life?” I’m not suggesting that your…

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The Hardest Parts of Medical School (According to Students)

There is no way around it: medical school is a challenge. It’s a very difficult experience that’s meant to weed out those who can’t handle the pressure and responsibility that it takes to have people’s lives in your hands. But with hard work and the right preparation, you can get through it. In the spirit of preparation, we reached out to some current medical school students, doctors, and educational forums to bring together a list of the hardest parts of medical school. Hopefully, this…

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The Lost Sheep: They’re MDs But Can’t Find Residency Positions

This was an email. I read your article on Physician’s Weekly about unmatched MDs. I am a bit down and looking for advice. I graduated from a Caribbean Med school. I have failed attempts and many gaps. Academically I dug myself into a deep dark hole, but my desire to practice medicine kept me going. I recently took Step 3 and just received my scored (failed by 2 points). I do not know anyone in medicine that can help me get a residency. I know I will be a great physician. I am just a horrible…


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Bad Blood? Why Transfusions from Women May Be Risky for Men

Getting blood from a woman who has ever been pregnant could be risky for men, a new study from the Netherlands suggests. The study, published today (Oct. 17) in the journal JAMA, found that men who received blood transfusions from previously pregnant female donors were 13 percent more likely to die during the study period, compared with men who received blood transfusions from male donors. In contrast, men who received blood transfusions from women who had never been pregnant were not at…


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Review of TV show "The Good Doctor"

Just when you thought there could not be another bad medical show, ABC TV presents “The Good Doctor.” It’s about an autistic young man going to California to become a surgical resident. Just after he lands at the airport in San Jose, an overhead sign breaks and causes the unluckiest 8-year-old boy on earth to suffer three life-threatening injuries. The Good Doctor gives a bystander, who sort of sounds like a doctor but is not too confident, an anatomy lesson about where to hold pressure on a…


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Here Are The World’s Best Dental Schools

Dentistry is a great career path and can lead to living a secure life. If you have decided to go with dentistry, you have to consider which school is the best to complete your course. Being part of the medical field, you will have great earning potential. If you like interacting with different people every day, but do not see yourself as a doctor, dentistry might be a great option for you. Before you can become a dentist, you are going to have to consider where to study and this is where I…


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n Which Medical Specialty Are physicians Happiest?

Consider your happiness—both at and outside of work—when choosing a medical specialty. Saving lives, job security, high wages and respect among your peers are probably just a few of the many good reasons why you chose to pursue a career in medicine. But when choosing a medical specialty, your overall happiness should be at the top of your list of things to consider. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right specialty when you’re just as happy going to work as you are after you’ve left for the…

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How To Do "Abdominal Examination"

1- Wash your hands, introduce yourself to the patient and clarify their identity. Explain what you would like to do and obtain consent. A chaperone should be offered for this examination. 2- The patient should initially be laid on the bed and exposed from the waist up. Begin by making a general inspection of the patient from the end of the bed. You should be looking for: whether they are comfortable at rest do they appear to be tachypnoeic are there any obvious medical appliances around…

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Med Students Show Increased Interest In Integrated Interventional Radiology

Medical student advisors and interventional radiology (IR) programs should continue to anticipate a high number of applications for integrated IR positions, according to a new study from the University of California, San Francisco. The study, published online Aug. 24 in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology, surveyed first through fourth year medical students and radiology residents regarding their interest in IR versus diagnostic radiology (DR). “Medical student preference for IR seems…


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Career Spotlight: What I Do as an Anesthesiologist

It’s easy to take for granted the precision with which modern medicine can manage and alleviate pain, whether you’re put under for surgery or in recovery. Anesthesiologists have a joke about that: anyone can put you to sleep, but it takes an anesthesiologist to wake you back up. To learn about the work an career of an anesthesiologist we spoke with Dr. David Maduram in New York. David’s studied at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Illinois, and is now an attending anesthesiologist.…

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6 Of The Most Incredible Surgeries Ever Performed

From out-of-body surgery to extreme cosmetic surgery in the name of art, these 6 stories illustrate incredible feats that have been achieved with a scalpel. 1. Everyone gets a sinus surgery Mark Weinberger, otherwise known as ‘The Nose Doctor’, told nearly all his patients that they would require sinus surgery. Although patients merely complained of the sniffles, Weinberger would mislead them with falsified pictures of sinus polyps, insisting surgery was the only option. The fact that he…


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MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination:Is It Really Tough?

I have recently taken coveted MRCP (UK) examinations Part 1 (passed) . I have frequently hear fellow coworkers and other doctors preparing for this exam saying 'omg it's so difficult' ," I have been reading kumar and Clark and still couldn't clear my exam" ,"I read whole Harrison's manual " .these lines often puzzled me and one question always arises !whether exam is difficult or you are not accessing proper study materials for exam? Well I would like to explain how you can effectively…

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Specialty

If you think that trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life is difficulty after finishing up a year of core clinical clerkships, I hear you. I was in that boat and so were many of my classmates this time last year. It’s a difficult choice, but upon reflection on what you want in life makes it a little easier to find something that will give you joy for some time. Here are some things to ruminate on while deciding on a specialty! 1. Observe the life of residents and…

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The anti-inflammatory diet.

 is an eating plan designed to reduce chronic inflammation, a key factor in a host of health problems and several major diseases. Uses for the Anti-Inflammatory Diet In chronic inflammation, the immune system continually releases chemicals that are typically responsible for combating harmful substances like viruses and…


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How Do You Discipline a 2-Year-Old? Teach your toddler behavior management skills .

Two-year-olds are filled with wonder and curiosity. And they’re learning and growing at an incredible rate. So it’s no surprise that parenting and disciplining a 2-year-old presents some unique challenges.

Perhaps your toddler is using her newly developed motor skills to scale the furniture any chance she gets. Or maybe your 2-year-old has discovered screaming at the top of her lungs is an excellent way to get attention.

No matter what your 2-year-old is up to, there’s a good…


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Can Mesh Really Give Protection in Mesh Hernia Surgeries ?

Operation is the only remedy to get relief from this disease. Mesh, which is a piece of synthetic cloth, was introduced in the market in 1990 for use in hernia repairs. We stitch a small piece of cloth to repair our torn shirt. Same principle is used in mesh repairs where in this mesh is stitched on the weak spot or hernia hole to give protection and prevent recurrence. Relapse rate or failure rate after groin hernia surgery has come down to 7-8% in USA after every body started doing hernia…


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