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90% of the Food You Eat Is Wrecking Your Digestive System.

The way a human body works is tricky; to enable proper digestion and to feel fit throughout the day it is best to have a balanced diet. Things that you consider nutritious could be gnawing at your digestive tract. A person could be suffering from acid reflux, continual stretches of diarrhea or constipation, gastroesophageal reflux or an irritable bowel syndrome; kinds of food being consumed should be reviewed and altered as a basic remedy to these health problems.

Stay away from acidic fruits: A fruit that is acidic in nature will have acidic effects on the digestive system. Acidic fruits should, therefore never be consumed in large amounts. Acid of any kind has a corrosive effect on our internal organs and hence should not be taken on an empty or an upset stomach. Lemons, oranges, tomatoes and other citrus fruits fall under this category of food.

The myth about milk: Milk contains lactose that is hard to digest. People with lactose intolerance face the results right after consuming milk or other dairy products. Aged people face more difficulties in digesting milk. Dairy products when eaten in excess can result in gas, bloating or diarrhea. It is time you stopped believing in the myth milk is anything, but bad for digestive health.

Processed wheat is not healthy at all: Bread is the easiest way of making a meal for yourself. However, its effects on your digestive system and your overall health are in no way good. Processed wheat can constipate you as it lacks in fiber. It contains added preservatives that can be harsh on your stomach.

Ignore that soft corner for fries: While your stomach needs to be provided with food from time to time it also needs to be emptied. Fried food prevents emptying of the stomach. They tend to remain in the digestive system for long making you feel bloated and uneasy.

Red meat and unhealthy fats will ruin digestion: Most of us like eating red meat and other kinds of fat such as butter, ghee, cheese and ice- creams. These fats are hard to digest and they result in recurrent stomach contractions. Stomach contractions can further lead to two extremes; you can be constipated for a few days or might have diarrhea.

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