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MAN SHOULD BE THE SEXUAL LEADER; Sexual leader means the partner who has taken responsibility for arousing both oneself and other partner .But,this responsibility should be shared by both partners .if man is not doing so, he is losing the pleasure of sex and extra stimulation then that could be given to him by his partner. EVERY TIME PARTNER SHOULD CHANGE THEIR ROLE to get full pleasure and satisfication. WOMEN SHOULD NOT INTIATE SEX; Sex is a two way interaction and it should always be mutual. Both partners should have equal rights to play active role in sex.It is more pleasurable if female partner starts sexual act. MOST OF TIME WOMEN SHOULD INTIATE SEX AND IT IS BENIFICIAL FOR BOTH as female is passive partner and take a long time for arousal by man who oftern discharges before female is aroused so if Female initiates process then satisfication and pleasure will be unquestionable for both as man usually get aroused easily nd femal touch sparcks it better than reading story or watching mobile sms or video. MEN SHOULD NOT EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS: Those men are more emotional in their sexual act, are usually found to be good partners. Relations between man and woman should be emotionally very strong.MEN SHOULD EQUALLY EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS WITHOU EMOTIONS AND STRONG INTEREST IN PARTNER SEX IS INCOMPLETE AND IT IS A SIMPLE FILL UP BLANK AND EMOTION SHOULD BE EQUALLY RESPECTED AND RESPONDED BY FEMALE. WOMAN SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE SEX WHEN HER PARTNER MAKE SEXUAL APPROCHES; Women should right to say no, when she does want to have sex.As it is already mentioned sex is mutual act, both should mentally and physically ready.WOMAN’S NO MEANS NO.IT SHOULD BE NEVER BE AGAINST WILL OF ANY PARTNER AS SEX PROVIDES RELAXATION AND SATISFICATION ANY PHYSICAL OR MENTAL INJURY AFTER SEX IS UNWANTED AND BLAME THE WHOLE PROCEDURE. ALL PHYSICAL CONTACT MUST LEAD TO SEX: Touching , kissing and cuddling one’s partner can be very fulfilling and always leads to sex.PARTNER SHOULD ALWAYS GIVE EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO ALL PHYSICAL CONTACTS.INTRUSIVE SEX OR PENETRATION IS NOT ALWAYS RULE BUT END RESULT OF SEX. GOOD SEX LEADS TO WILD SEX: In reality , during sexual act concentration and arousal can be extremely difficult to maintained for lengthy periods and more typically they wax and wane throughout a sexual encounter.A more relaxed approached to sex, in which both partners take the time to talk, laugh and communicate can be equally or more satisfying.WILD SEX, MOST OF TIME IS TRAUMATIC FOR ONE OR OTHER PARTNER.VAGINAL UP DOWN POSITION IS BEST ONE ,DIFFERENT POSITIONS AND POSTURES MAY BE ACCEPTED BUT BESIDE IT ALL OTHER FORMS ARE ABNORMAL SEX BEHAVIOUR AND PRVERSIONS EVENAnal Sex and Oral Sex is not part of Normal sex and pleasure,these are more part of porn stars and videos whereabnormality is shown mostly for our excitement ,repeation 1-2 times at a time or 2-3 times may be accepted if decided by both partner in good seduce fearless non apprehensive cool and calm environment as possible with wife or loyal partner and here BIRTH of an Institution like Marriage took place.Sex with animals,using toys,giving pain and binding partners or with multiple partners or children or against will of partner or under influence of alchoholor drug or any alluration or within member of same sex (sodomy,phidophils,lesbianism and gay ) are considered as abnormal or perverted sex in India and many states of the world today. A MAN FEELS LIKE SEX AT ANY TIME: Life is often hectic , stressful and tiring and man should say ,”Not tonight,darling.i am feeling a bit too tired.Let’s just cuddle”.MAN SHOULD HAVE SEX WHEN HE IS MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY SOUND not exhausted and tired .sex is essential but not necessarily daily,may be practsed once or twice a week in a Family or at more gap as married life increases in years. SEX EQUALS INTERCOURSE: Intercourse is a very pleasurable and very important aspect of sexual act ,however sex does not necessary require intercourse. Manual and oral stimulation can equally pleasurable and may provide a slightly different and noval stimulation, so intrusion or penetration is not always desirable as during mens of wife or pregnancy or any other disease of male or female private parts. SEX HAPPENS AUTOMATICALLY: Most of what we know about sex is learned from media, our parents, our friends.Much of this information promotes biased or unrealistic beliefs that may actually interfere with our enjoyment of sex.SEX EDUCATION AND INFORMATION SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM QUALIFIED PERSON.Sex is a wise act necessary to maintain Human race,every body needs a family which comes through sex but it should be planned and done with the consent of both partners in cool calmmy environment without any stress,not simple arousal and do it as formality as it never relaxes us and we became more tense or un satisfied looking for sex from another partner through out whole day and unnecessarily waste our time ,money and peace. A ‘RESPECTABLE’ WOMAN SHOULD NOT ENJOY SEX TOO MUCH AND SHOULD CERTAINLY NEVER MASTURBATE.: A respectable woman of any age is asexual being. She should feel free to experiment sexually in any way that feels comfortable.ENJOYMENT OF SEX IS HEALTHY, NATURAL, AND TO BE respect and position hasgot nothing to say in Sex ,it is involvement of two willing partners in seductive and peaceful environment.female can masturbate too if very much aroused and partner is away to cool themselves in hygienic manner. ALL OTHER COUPLES HAVE SEX SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK AND HAVE ORGASM EVERY TIME THEY HAVE SEX & ORGASM SIMULTANEOUSLY: This is not fact & this description of sex may hold in early stages of relationship, it becomes less true as relationship progress.COUPLES MAY BE LEFT WITH A SET OF UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS THAT MAY TRIGGER/EXCERBATE SEXUAL PROBLEMS.DO SEX WITH CONSENT OF PARTNENER INVOLVE EMOTIONS NOT FREQUECY OR QUANTITY MATTER BUT IT IS QUALITY WHICH BRINGS SATISFICATION AND PLEASURE. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE RELATIONSHIP IF SEX IS NOT GOOD: While a bad relatiohship is unlikely to have good sex, the reverse is not true.A loving couple with stable and communicative relationship may have specific sexual difficulties. REMEMBER THAT GOOD SEX DOES NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY AND THAT SOME DEGREE OF LEARNING OR RELEARNING MAY BE REQUIRED.ANY DISESE IN MALE OR FEMALE GENITAL ORGANS OR MENTAL CONDITION MAY NOT YIELD GOOD SEX BUT HERE RELATIONSHIP IS RATHER STRONG IN COUPLES. FORMATION OF SEMEN: Semen is formed from blood and loss of it will lead to weakness.Like tear ,sweat,Cough it is formed by cells of Testes and seminal vesicles as egg of man to meet egg of female “ovum” formed in ovary during 5th -9th day of Mens cycle anddischrged in uterus on 9th 14th day so sex during this time only yield pregnancy but sperm is secreted 24x7 after stimulation or arousal. MASTURBATION IS WRONG: It is commonly believed that masturbation is wrong and leads to mental illness,physical weakness and decrease potency.IT SHOULD BE CLARIFIED THAT THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS.However excess masturbation leads to early discharge during sex if practiced often. ROLE OF ‘PHYSICAL STRENGTH’ OR ‘MUSCLE POWER’ IN SEXUAL PERFORMANCE.: It is a common belief that muscular men or MACHO or ABBS can perform better than averagely built man. IT SHOULD BE CLARIFIED THAT THERE IS NO RELATION BETWEEN MUSCLE POWER AND SEXUAL PERFORMANCE AND WHAT MATTERS IS THE MOTIVATION AND PROPER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT SEX with emotions and cooperation of partners. SIZE OF THE PENIS: Very often males are preoccupied with the fact that larger penis are more effective.NORMAL SIZE PENIS IS APPROX. 5-7 INCH LONG but 2-5 inch is also normal .Female enjoys penetration in first 2 inch of her vagina only so these size penis is actively involved in sex pleasure .NO DRUG,ALLOPATHIC,HOMEO OR AYURVEDIC OR OIL OR ANY VIBRATOR CAN INCREASE PENIS LENGTH OR WIDTH so never use them.never get depressed with small size of penis.Similiary deep vagina is also not pleasurable as stated above,large penis or deep fast and strong stroke may rupture vaginal wall or cuffs around cervix or opening of uterus or womb of female in vagina causing serious problem,tightening of vagina is pleasurable so can be aske if repeated child birth has rlaxed vaginal floor muscles but never dilated permanently by ordinary sex. BENDING OF PENIS.: Some males are very much distressed with the curverture of penis.IT SHOULD BE NOTED THE SLIGHT CURVATURE OF SHAFT OF PENIS IS PERFACTLY NORMAL AND DOES NOT HARM INTERCOURSE.During sex blood fills in cavernous or venous space of covering of penis and that is why it gets straight and become large.No drug VIGARA OR TADALAFIL is needed to expedite such enlargement ,rather may cause prolonged erection or priaprism leading to fracture of penis if not treated immediately,similiarly female are always excited emotionally and physically ,no drug has got any role.Psychological or emotional roleis important in sexual desire and libido or orgasm or arousal only. VASECTOMY/TUBECTOMY DECREASES SEXUAL POTENCY: It is common disbelief.IN FACT USE OF CONTRCEPTION OR SUCH OPERATIONS ENSURE PREVENTION OF FERTILIZATION AND POSSIBLE CHANCE OF PREGNANCY AND HENCE ALLOW THEM TO ENJOY SEX MORE FREELY.EVEN HYSTRECTOMY AND OOPHORECTOMY doesnot decreses sex if our emotions are in place. DRUGS ENHANCE SEXUAL POTENCY: It is a common belief that alcohol and/or opioids,Ghaza,Afim, or other drugs improve potency.IT SHOULD BE CLARIFIED THAT THESE DRUGS may TEMPORARILY INCREASE A MEN’S SEXUAL DESIRE, BUT THEY DEFINITELY DECREASE THE SEXUAL PERFORMANC as distract our brain during performance,they create a seductive environment without any role in physical performance,so never use them in sex.

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Its quite knowledgeable...

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great topic...thx  dr

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Wow..very exhaustive advice..This is better with some pictures..hi hi hi  :)

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