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Modules supported (CRUD)

  • a. Consultations
  • b. Appointments
  • c. Internal messaging
  • d. Suppliers
  • e. Patients
  1. Check-up
  2. Immunization
  3. Schedule next visit
  4. Endorsements
  5. Laboratiries
  6. Patients History
  7. Book appointment
  • f. Nurses
  • g. Items
  • h. Configuration


a. Patient form Inputs
b. RX print

Direct Emailing
Allergies list
Birthday notification lists
Appointment notification lists
Location stats lists
Symptom/Diagnosis stats lists
Role based permissions
RX printing
Full Technical Support
Automatic Backups Every Night 
Lost password feature
Quick search
Advanced search
Advance Statistics ( Detailed and Graph )
Operating System (OS) Independent
Excel Import & Export Capability
User Friendly Interface
Auto renews monthly/yearly until cancelled
Accesses in Any Devices (Responsive)

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