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Informed Consent is required to avoid legal suits from the Patient before Hernia Surgery with Mesh!!!

Every surgeon and the hospital now should take an informed consent in writing from the patient before his surgery of hernia repair with mesh.The consent should mention that mesh is a foreign body, it is a piece of synthetic cloth and it is associated with possible complications of a foreign body. Otherwise, the doctors and hospitals may have to face legal suits in future filed by the patients for the damages!!!!

Mesh is widely used in hernia surgery all over the world. Many patients are not aware that it is a foreign body and they give general consent for surgery as advised by their doctor because of faith in him. Patient feels that the doctor would not do anything that is harmful to him. This faith is being used by the mesh manufacturing companies to market and sale their product at any cost without bothering much for the harmful consequences patient may face in future due to known foreign body complications. But now patients are becoming more and more aware from the internet that mesh is a foreign body, a simple piece of synthetic cloth naturally associated with many foreign body complications. So it is now necessary as prevention of future legal complications that every surgeon and the hospital should take an informed consent in writing that the mesh is a foreign body prepared of synthetic threads like cloth and may cause harm to him due to well-known foreign body complications. OTHERWISE,patient may file a legal suit against the surgeons or the hospital and may claim for huge damages!!!



Mesh is a foreign body, a piece of cloth prepared from the synthetic threads. Therefore, its use in inguinal hernia repairs is known to cause all sorts of complications like pain, recurrence, infection etc. “Desarda technique” is a new technique of groin hernia surgery without mesh and it uses your own body muscle for repair and gives virtually complete cure from inguinal hernia problem. An undetached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis is stitched on the weak area between the muscle arch and the inguinal ligament to form a new, strong and physiologically dynamic posterior wall that gives protection and prevents recurrence. Normally patient goes home in a day after surgery and can drive car and go to office in 3-4 days’ time. This "Desarda repair" is now followed in many countries all over the world. This inguinal hernia repair does not use any foreign body like mesh for repair and therefore there are no complications that are seen in mesh repairs. A visit to Topix or other hernia forums show thousands of posts showing sufferings of many patients due to mesh repairs. Laparoscopic surgery is done with mesh only. And that is more hazardous because the mesh is stitched inside your abdomen.

ABOUT US: Invented a new operation technique for inguinal hernia repair that does not need any mesh or foreign body for its treatment. Even sutures used are absorbable leaving no trace of foreign body after hernia surgery. Visit for details  ; cell number: +91 9373322178 EMAIL:

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Comment by Toni Rose on September 26, 2016 at 3:46am
You should know that all surgeries, minor or major, require an informed consent. That piece of paper which contains all the necessary information (patient's personal details, procedure, type of anesthesia, anesthesiologist, surgeon, diagnosis) is stipulated in the Patients' Bill of Rights which every doctor must observe. Remember that we have a legal, ethical and moral obligations to our patients.


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