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I Love playing with Web2.0 functions and today let me show you a simple way to publish your blog as a Blidget ( Widget ) Online. There are a number of free services, but i like the smooth features and polished look by

First Log on to and complete Free registration.

Then simply provide the URL of your blog. In this case i typed in
After submitting the blog address, you will be taken to this window.

This window will let you choose the colour, style, background of your Blidget. If you Upgrade to a paid version, you could also add more tabs to show many more blogs, tweets and video channels.
Dont forget to " Save for Later" after you finish editing.

Click on your widget in your widget box, and you will come to the final window which lets you publish your Blidget directly as well as via HTML coding and also Java scripts.

Below is the Blidget for my Meducation Technology Blog.

I hope you try it. Its fun and easy.

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