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Wound repair and regeneration is a highly complex combination of matrix destruction and reorganization. While major hurdles remain, advances over the past generation have improved the clinician's armamentarium in the medical and surgical management of this problem.the pragmatic use of three of the most commonly employed advanced therapies; namely, bioengineered tissue, negative pressure wound therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy with a focus on the near-term future of wound healing, including stem cell therapy.
There fore with the changing scenario wound care methods are also changing and to implement them in day to day life we have to come up with more of techniques and methods to make it more better for healthcare.
one of the recent use of negative pressure wound therapy is very helpful and can be easily used in setups where there is lack of equipments via portable battery methods.
I would love to hear suggestions from everyone regarding this post and kindly give your valuable opinion for same.

Dr. Ravi Ranjan

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