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Today, more and more people are moving into condominiums or apartments. The one thing that people seem to miss, however, is no land for gardening. Yet, growing a vegetable garden on a balcony is not all that difficult, and you can truly have a fruitful balcony vegetable garden.

Tomato Plants for Balcony Vegetable Gardening
Almost any vegetable plant you can think of to grow in a backyard garden will also thrive in your balcony vegetable garden under the right conditions.

Tomatoes can all grow in containers, as can many herbs, and actually do quite well. Container gardening is becoming quite popular in balcony gardens. You can choose any type of container for growing a vegetable garden on a balcony.

Choose clay pots, plastic ones, or just containers that decorate your balcony garden the way you’d like to decorate it. Make sure the container you choose offers good drainage. The drain holes are best if placed on the sides of the container. Place them about one quarter to one half inch from the bottom of the container.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes As Garden on a Balcony
When you are planting in containers on your balcony gardens, you need to make sure to use synthetic soils. These are best suited for container plants. Synthetic soils are made of wood chips, peat moss, sawdust, vermiculite, perlite or any other type of synthetic planting media. You can fill the bottom of the container with coarse gravel before putting the soil in. This will improve drainage for your plants.

Successful growing tips for Tomatoes in Containers

The ideal position for tomato plants is in full sun, protected from strong winds. Prepare the soil before planting by digging in some organic matter then water in thoroughly using a liquid fertiliser. Ease the seedlings out of the container and plant them at the same soil level as they were in the punnet. Water in the seedlings immediately after planting. Plants requiring staking should be planted at least 1 metre apart. Bush type tomatoes should be planted 50cm apart.

Most tomato plants benefit from staking to encourage fruiting. It is best to stake early while the plant is young and to ensure a nice straight stem. The best plant ties are made from a soft material as they won’t cut into the stems as the plants grow. Any type of support structure may be used.

Tomatoes require regular feeding. Apply granule fertiliser, supplemented with a soluable or liquid fertiliser regulary at recommended rates.

Regular watering is more effective than frequent light sprinkles. To prevent disease occurring avoid watering the foliage. Early morning around the base of the plant is the most beneficial method.

Growing in pots
Nearly all tomatoes may be grown successfully in pots although the larger varieties need large deep tubs (50-60cm) with good staking or support. Compact varieties such as San Marzano and Mama’s Delight are ideal for smaller pots and great for small areas. Don’t forget to water and fertilise your potted tomatoes as pots dry out more quickly, as per above.

Also look for compact varieties such as Totem Red, Totem Yellow, Red Robin & Sweet n Neat.” Reword the last sentence to “For best results always use a quality container mix.


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